Chris’s Tiger Head……… Head.

So, this is my first post here on the Saved blog, I plan on doing a few posts of this nature over the coming months. I like to take pictures and like my coworkers, so combing the two seems appropriate.

Here is Mr O’Donnell tattooing a tiger head on Beau Brady’s head from Dare Devil Tattoo. (

This is such a great design and Beau sat like a fucking champ, I know how this spot feels as I have mine done by the East London brutal genius Xed Le Head. (

Thank you for looking, Thomas Hooper Saved Tattoo 2011.

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3 Responses to Chris’s Tiger Head……… Head.

  1. cris cleen says:

    Beau on the phone is the best

  2. chrisodonnelltattoo says:

    He was texting the whole time like it was nothing. It was awesome!

  3. queenias says:

    love the feeling… 🙂

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