First Inaugural Day at Saved Tattoo!






     Saved is proud to be hosting the first inaugural, crowd-funded P.INK Day on Oct. 21st, 2013. We will be having 10 of NYC’s top artists doing ink scar-coverage and/or nipple-replacement tattoos on 10 breast cancer survivors in an attempt to help mastectomy patients reclaim their bodies, while also turning something painful into something beautiful. To donate to the cause or find more information on this project please check out the website, every little bit helps! 

Participating artists include:

Virginia Elwood from Saved Tattoo

Stephanie Tamez from Saved Tattoo

Michelle Tarentelli from Saved Tattoo

Ashley Love from NY Adorned

Roxx from 2Spirit Tattoo (San Francisco)

Shannon Purvis Barron of Indigo Rose Tattoo (Columbia, SC)

Nikki Lugo from Tattoo Paradise

Joy Rumore from Twelve 28 Tattoo

Miranda Lorberer from Pop’s Tattoo Emporium

Jen Carmean from Monarch Tattoo




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3 Responses to First Inaugural Day at Saved Tattoo!

  1. jchu73 says:

    Nice! Good to see this kind of things for tattoos.

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