Gallery Opening in Brooklyn This Friday!



This Friday the Bottleneck gallery in Brooklyn will be hosting the opening reception for the Tattoo Art of New York City show, curated and originally presented by the The Flood Gallery in London.

Exclusive new Tattoo Art commissioned by Flood Gallery from from over 25 top NYC Tattoo artists will shown, including work from SAVED TATTOO’s own Stephanie Tamez, Zac Sheinbaum, Anderson Luna, John Sultana, Virginia Elwood and Cris Cleen.

All editions are screen printed, strictly limited to 50 copies and signed and numbered by the artists, making them a truly special holiday gift for someone else or a really awesome present to yourself! Drinks and admission are both free, so come by and check out some amazing art!

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One Response to Gallery Opening in Brooklyn This Friday!

  1. Reblogged this on In The Flesh and commented:
    Would love to go to a gallery like this! Sounds amazing 🙂 I imagine you would come away with fantastic inspiration and design ideas!

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